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Links and charities

Note that some of these sites have bank details so that you can go into a local bank and securely transfer money to the organisation.

Currency converters
the money converter (set to NZ dollars but you can change it to AUD)

Both countries (you may have to specify):

  • V-Gifts are available for both New Zealand and Australia
  • Salvation Army will change the currency to match your residence. All Salvos sites lead to this form. You must give a specific use (Queensland, Victoria, New Zealand) or they will use it where they feel the need is greatest.

New Zealand:
  • New Zealand Government's appeal. Note that there are instructions on this page for Internet transfers and Int'l telegraphic transfers.
  • Lifeline in New Zealand. As with Australia, Lifeline is concerned with psychological counseling. There are instructions for cheque and phone donations (remember the international code for NZ is 64, and take out the "0")
  • NZ Red Cross. (The International Red Cross does not have selections for either AU or NZ, as they concentrate on third world countries, that's why you have to go to the specific country sites.)
  • New Zealand RSPCA
  • Wilding Foundation of New Zealand takes PayPal. Go to "Single Donation" and click on the "Donate" button.
  • You can donate money to buy bricks at GrabOne. This is run in conjunction with the Anglican Church.

  • The Premier's Disaster Relief Fund. For International donations you must donate through a bank. Instructions are here.
  • The Australian Red Cross now has a separate Victorian appeal.
    • If you would like to donate to the Queensland clean-up, then pull down "Disaster relief and recovery — Australia".
    • If you are donating from outside Australia, select first "outside Australia", then your country.

  • Lifeline is no problem. Just make sure you choose "other" for your state if you're not living in Australia.
  • The RSPCA has a Queensland Appeal. They also have a toll free number (US and Canada) if you run into problems with the site.
  • IFAW has a separate Queensland appeal.

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