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News: We ask that you all take a moment to put the people of northern Japan in your thoughts and prayers. If you can help out, please donate or find an LJ comm to join and offer your time and talents. Their suffering is horrific and they need to know the world stands ready to help.

To those who've sent us messages about the (insert expletive here) spammers: thank you for spotting them. Unfortunately, we get them often and sometimes miss a post, so your vigilance is appreciated.

Reminders: Offers close tomorrow at 11pm AEST, i.e., after Good News Week. (What? I don't watch educational TV.)

Bidding starts at that time: 11:01pm AEST. Bids start at $5AUD and are increased by at least $1.

Go forth and pimp your offer! (See sticky post for links to banners.)

And now up-dates:

New Zealand
The New South Wales Urban Search and Rescue team just left Christchurch when they were deployed to Japan. They left this morning, as soon as they were given the go-ahead.

The NZ government has extended the national state of emergency as a large number of buildings are still unsafe. Only half of the heritage buildings for which Christchurch is known have been inspected.

University of Canterbury starts a rolling re-start on Monday. Hilariously (thank heavens they've kept their humour), there's a camping 101 guide available as well as a map of safe areas.

Almost all the residences have water again, but sewage remains a problem. There are numerous portable hot showers available in the region. Residents are reminded to bring towels, shampoo and thongs (see, I think that's awesome).

Please read charis_kalos's post below. She's been in an area directly affected by the floods and so has first hand knowledge.

There are some towns in the north of the state that still have water standing.

Sadly, the area affected most severely by Cyclone Yasi -- Tully Heads, Mission Beach, Cardwell -- is being flooded again. There is a persistent low pressure system dumping record amounts of rain on that area and another one on the horizon. Roads, according to the Queensland Police Service's up-dates, are impassable and supplies are running low. There are food and medical supplies being dropped into the towns, but it's looking really bad for remote and farming communities.

This means that Prince William may not be able to visit. "...frowny face"
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