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Let the bidding wars begin!

Offers are now closed. Bidding has begun!

Those of you who've offered, go forth and drum up some business for your offer. Banners are here.

If you haven't posted your offer, sorry. Much as you'd like to offer something, you've missed the deadline.

Now it's time to bid on the offers (and we've great ones from original jewelry to editing services by a published author).

Here's how the bidding works. Pay attention! It would be a shame to disqualify a bid because you put it in the wrong place.
  • Bid by commenting to the Offering post. (Put "Bid" in the subject line then post your bid in the comment). If there is any confusion, put the offerer's name in as well (example: BID: Yasminke)

  • Bids start at AUD$5 and must be raised by at least AUD$1 per bid

  • Bidding will end on March 22 at 11pm AEDT. This means that even though you've bid something on an offer, someone else might come and outbid you while I'm having dinner and vegging out in front of the telly. When the clock strikes 11pm, we'll close all bids.

  • Then we'll notify you that you've won. You and the person whose offer you've won will start discussing the details.

  • Please do not delete a comment containing a bid. If you have an problem, please comment to your bid explaining what happened, or contact a mod (listed on the "About us" page).

    Get it? You beauty!
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  • Bidding has closed

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