The Procrastinatrix (yasminke) wrote in fandom_flood_ap,
The Procrastinatrix

I told you so!

Remember I said here that because Prince William wasn't visiting my state, it was bucketing? Yeah well, we had torrential rain all weekend. Yesterday we had more torrential rain (155ml in 4 hours), flash floods, and sinkholes.

(ETA: Photos from a backyard in NSW (Alan Baxter is a local(ish) horror novelist.)

ENOUGH rain. Doesn't Canberra need some rain? Or WA?

In other news: bidding ends tonight, at 11pm AEDT (that means in 16.5 hours). When it closes we will pt for you the next steps. Watch the space above.

Get bidding! Last chance to outbid people on the three or four bidding wars going on...
Tags: admin, bids, news

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