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Donations & Confirmations: When Bidding Ends

Bidding will officially close in just over two hours. Shortly thereafter, we'll sort out the winners and notify you with a comment to your bid. You can get excited if you see this icon of Queensland rugby legend Wally Lewis in his flood preparedness gear:

What happens next? Glad you asked.

Here’s the info on donations and confirmations.

  • The winning bidder can donate to any of the organisations by following the links to the right or on the “up-dated donations page”.
  • If you’re like the mods (ahem) and bid on more than one offer, you can combine your donation into one large one. Use the same receipt (ideas on that below) and CC each of those whose works you won.

  • Make sure you get a receipt — if from the Internet, either via the web page or in your email.
  • Make a screencap or copy of that receipt
  • Send the receipt to the offerer (or one of the mods) for confirmation
  • If you’re uncomfortable with others having access to your details, either:
    • Open the screencap or scan in a picture editing program (like Photoshop, GraphicConverter), then using the eraser tool, click and drag across what you need to erase: your name and all but last digits of your account. Save as a .jpg.


    • Upload your scan/screenshot on to Photobucket and edit the details out through that. Complete instructions are at help_haiti

  • Make sure enough of your details are still visible that we know you’re you and not me (email/username and a few digits on the account).

Once you've confirmed your donation (to either the offerer or one of the mods) the author/artist can begin work on your winnings!

If you do not receive confirmation that the donation has been made, could you please contact one of the mods. Ta!
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  • Bidding has closed

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