March 20th, 2011


Fly by up-date

In case you've been anywhere but New Zealand or Australia: Prince WIlliam is here for a visit to the disaster stricken areas. He's been to Christchurch already and is presently in QLD for meet-n-greets, tours and a BBq with "reef and croc" on the menu (doesn't that sound yum?). Apparently the sun came out just for him, which is why it's bucketing in NSW.

However, it is still pouring in QLD: flash flood warnings, hail once, but demolition on the Yasi-devastated buildings goes ahead this week.

Christchurch is still assessing buildings but things are slowly going to a state they might call operative. The city centre is still an unsafe mess.

I predict it will not rain in VIC for the two days Wills will be there....

And I'm being forced out the door... in the rain... SIGH.